Samsung Smart Tv Wont Connect To wifi


Prerequisites to connect Samsung TV with WiFi

Before you can connect your Samsung smart television to your wireless network, there are some things that you should know. These two devices can be connected using the information and equipment described below. You are not the only one if your TV was made before 2011. An adapter plug-and-play will connect your Samsung Smart TV instantly to the wifi network (Hey! You can get it on Amazon).

Before you connect Samsung TV with wifi, make sure to have the following items ready

  1. Internet connection
  2. A wireless router or access point
  3. Look in the user manual of your Samsung Smart TV to find compatible adapters. You can also get adapters for your Samsung Smart TV.this adapter on amazon is compatible with most Samsung TV models. It works with all Samsung TV models.
  4. Have your encryption key (wifi password),
  5. SSID is your network’s name
  6. Type of encryption for wireless networks (WPA, WEP, etc.

You are now ready to move on to the next steps.

Connect Samsung TV to Wifi: Steps

Step 1

To turn on your television, press the power button on the remote control or the TV’s power button. Samsung makes many models of TVs, but these instructions are tailored to each model. If you are having trouble finding the menu options we’re referring to, you can refer to the manual included with your smart TV. These steps will help you to identify the corresponding terms.

Connect Samsung TV with WiFi – TURN ON YOUR TV

Step 2. 

To go to the home menu, press one of the buttons below

  • Menü
  • SmartHub
  • Home

You will be taken to the home menu by pressing the button.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi. GO TO HOME MENU

Step 3. 


Step 4.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi — SELECT WIFI NETWORK

Step 5. 

After selecting the network, you will see Network Settings. It might also be known as Network Setup. This option will be customized to your TV model.

Connect Samsung TV with WiFi – network settings

Step 6. 

When prompted, choose the wifi (wireless), option. A list of WiFi networks will appear. You will see a list of WiFi networks. If your Wi-Fi network is not listed, you can reboot it using the access point.

Connect Samsung TV with WiFi – network type

Important: Samsung smart television connects to Wi-F

Your Samsung Smart TV model made in 2019 will likely support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. If your Samsung smart TV is made in 2018, it will only support Wi-Fi networks of 2.4GHz. There are four models of Samsung smart TVs in 2018: NU730D and NU7300. NU7100 and NU7100 are also available.

Step 7.

Now, choose your Wi-Fi network. If your Wi-Fi network password is not protected as it should, a dialog box will open asking you to enter it.

Connect Samsung TV with WiFi – Select the type of wifi network

Step 8. 

You will now need to enter your Wi-Fi password and click ‘Done. The remote control will allow you to enter your password. You can also call the password an encryption key. The numbers can be entered using the number keys on your remote. For letters, use the arrow keys. You can click on the letter to highlight it and then select it. Enter. Once you press enter, your smart TV will attempt connection with the Wi-Fi network.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi. Enter your wifi password

Step 9.

Give your TV a few seconds to connect with the wireless network. You will need to change the IP address settings in your network setup if your TV doesn’t connect with Wi-Fi. The information might need to be entered manually.

Step 10. 

Connect Samsung TV with WiFi – Return to the network screen

Step 11. 

The network testing option will allow your Samsung Smart TV to test the connection between your Samsung TV’s router and your Samsung TV. If the test fails, you can double-check that the information you provided as your SSID or the encryption key is correct. Turn off your smart TV. Unplug the access point/router and modem. After waiting around 30 seconds, plug in the router/access point and modem. After that, turn on your Samsung Smart TV. Run the test again.

Test your network by connecting Samsung TV to WiFi

Step 12. 

A message will appear indicating that your Samsung Smart TV is successfully connected to your WiFi network. Once you see the message, click on the OK button.

You are now free to access all services that require an internet connection on your Samsung Smart TV. These are all the steps required to “connect Samsung TV to WiFi”. You might also encounter other problems with Wi-Fi connectivity.

If your Samsung TV has issues with wifi connectivity, please follow these steps

  • Turn off your smart TV and then turn it back on.
  • Verify that your Wi-Fi works properly
  • Verify the settings of your Wi-Fi router
  • Move the access point for your wireless network closer to your smart TV

Smart Samsung TVs that are connected to your wireless network can offer many benefits. Smart TV makes it easy to stream or binge-watch your favorite channels on the large screen. You can connect your Wi-Fi to your Smart TV to view all the Internet features on your big screen at home. It’s easy to connect your Wi-Fi and Smart TV to access the Internet. Let’s find out how to connect. Samsung TV to WiFi.The web-based apps would then be available on your smart television

These steps should have helped answer your question about “how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi”. If you need further assistance here is the manufacturer manual

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