Samsung Washing Machine Cost In India


Samsung’s AI-powered washing machine | Samsung WW8800M Quick Drive 10Kg price

The futuristic technology of Artificial Intelligence is already making life easier by solving complex tasks in different fields of technology. The significance of AI for the future has been realized by many big businesses, and some have already begun to develop their own AI systems.

Now, with Samsung’s new WW8800M fast drive washing machine, AI has entered the home appliances sector.
The technology of Quick Drive washing machines has reduced laundry time by half without compromising the quality and efficiency of washing.

Quick Drive washing machine

The machine utilizes Q-drum technology that independently rotates the main drum and back plate, creating top-bottom and horizontal motion. The Samsung washing machine WW8800M also uses eco-bubble technology that creates bubbles for more efficient cleaning by mixing air.

In just 39 minutes, which is almost half the time taken by traditional washing machines, the fastest super-speed program can wash your clothes. There are also many other programs on the machine, like stain removal and hygiene. The new ceramic heater+ uses a special coating that is efficient in reducing the accumulation of scale.

The washing capacity of the Samsung WW8800M is 10 kg and the weight of the washing machine is 83 kg. The machine utilizes an AI-powered laundry assistant that helps to optimize the washing cycle by taking data inputs such as colors, type of laundry and soiling level. This assistant also offers the ability to set a washing schedule and displays the time to finish.

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