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How to set up Google WiFi – Overview

Google has helped make the world a better place by providing faster access to its powerful tools, such as Google search and Chrome Browser, Gmail, and Google Drive.

Google is most well-known as an internet company. However, it has also invested heavily in Wi-Fi components like the Google Nest. Google Nest makes use of Google’s Wi-Fi mesh networks to allow users to build large networks in their homes or SMBs.

What is mesh Wi-Fi and how does it work? Mesh Wi-Fi structures can be described as a collection of wireless routers you place around your house. All these devices are connected, creating a strong link between any room in your house, including the basement.

The size of your house will determine how many Wi-Fi outlets you have. Google recommends that a 500-1500 square feet house should have one plug, a 1500-3000 square feet house should have two plugs, and so forth (see also best wifi router for large home). Let’s first look at what components are needed to set up Google Wi-Fi, and how to do it.

To set up Google WiFi, you will need:

Google recommends that you buy Google Wi-Fi components from the country where you are situated. Wireless protocols can vary widely across the globe. This means that compatibility issues may occur if you bring Wi-Fi components from another country.

This Google will not be able to assist you if you do. Google recommends the same guidelines if you are configuring a mesh network.

The following components are required to start the setup:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • Modem.
  • Google Wi-Fi plugs.
  • An Ethernet cable to connect to the main Google Wi-Fi plug.
  • All subsequent Google Wi-Fi plugs will require power cables
  • A Google Account
  • A mobile device: for Android, the phone or tablet should be running on Android 6 or later, and for Apple, the IPad or iPhone should be running iOS 12 or later.
  • Verify that the Google Home app is the most recent version installed on your device.

How to Set Up Google WiFi

Before you configure your Google Wi-Fi plug main Google Wi-Fi plug ensures that your modem works and that your internet connection is stable.

  • Get the Google Home app for your mobile device.
How to set up Google WiFi – Google Home
  • Set up your Google Home app for the first time if you’re new to it.
  • Find a place to install your main Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can use any of the Google Wi-Fi Plugs that you have bought to be the main plug.
  • The main Wi-Fi plug must be linked to your modem.
  • Place your main plug at eye level to get a stable signal, ideally on a TV stand or bookcase.
  • Attach the Ethernet cable to your modem, and the other end to the Google Wi-Fi plug-WAN port.
  • Connect the Google Wi-Fi main plug to a power outlet.
  • Wait about a minute to see the main Wi-Fi connector’s light turn blue. This indicates that the plug is ready for you to add to the Google Home app.
  • On your device, launch the Google Home app.
How to set up Google WiFi – Google Home App
  • Click on “Add” followed by “Setup device” then “New device.”
How to Setup Google WiFi – Setup Device
  • Choose your home.
How to set up Google WiFi
  • The app will automatically detect and check your Wi-Fi plug.
  • After you have completed the check, click “Yes” to continue.
How to Setup Google WiFi – Google Home Mini
  • You can set up multiple Wi-Fi outlets by selecting the main Wi-Fi outlet and scanning the QR code at the end.
How to set up Google WiFi – QR code
  • To scan, hold your device approximately 12 km away.
  • If the code is not visible, you can continue to enter the configuration key found at the bottom of your plug.
  • Choose a place to put your Wi-Fi router.
How to set up Google WiFi
  • You can still use the app to give your Wi-Fi connection a title or passcode.
How to set up Google WiFi
  • Continue to follow the prompts and complete your setup.
  • It will take some time for the plug to establish your Wi-Fi connection.
  • To add another Wi-Fi connector, click the yes button in the app.

Last Thought

It is easy to set up Google Wi-Fi, especially if you are already part of the Google ecosystem. Even if you have used other platforms before, it is relatively simple if the above steps are followed.

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