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Best Sony A9 Video Settings

It’s a joy to capture videos with the Sony A9 It’s not enough to just shoot a video. You also need to know how to create stunning videos. A video shoot is very different from taking a photo. The settings will change accordingly. This is a step-by-step guide to how to adjust the best Sony A9 Video Settings.

Step 1.

Best Sony A9 Video Settings – mod

To shoot a video, there are many modes you can use with your Sony A9 Any of the available modes can be used to create a video. It is recommended to use the Video mode. To change the mode to Video, you will need to use your main dial on the Camera. You will have greater control. The display will be in video mode.

Step 2.

Best Sony A9 Video Settings – focus

The second step is to choose the focus ring. It can be set to AFS, AFS-C or both. The auto-selection feature is active during video mode. Keep an eye on the EV dial of your camera. It should be set at zero.

Step 3.

Best Sony A9 Video Settings – media

Next, you will need to visit tab five and screen five in this guide best Sony A9 videos settings. Next, click on the select Record Media’ option. Click on the one slot option. This option is only for people who have one memory card. Pay attention and don’t forget to change the recording mode. You will need to adjust certain settings if you use two cards. You must choose simultaneous recording under the Recording tab.

Step 4.

Moving to screen 2: Best Sony A9 Video Settings

After going through the steps for the best Sony A9 camera settings, you can move on to screen 2′. After you have finished, click on the auto-power-off temperature option. Click on the button for ‘high” under the tab to turn it on. This will allow you to record even if the over-heating warning is displayed on your camera screen. The Touch operation may also be required. This will allow you to capture a video quickly.

Exposure is the next thing you should be focusing on. It’s safer to change it to manual. This will allow you to have more control of your camera. You can also modify the file format. This will allow you to adjust the quality of your video. The Hd Option is the best option for the Sony A9 video settings. This will allow you to capture your video at the highest quality. Ideal settings for recording should be set at 30 frames per 50 seconds.

Step 5.

Best Sony A9 Video Settings: auto ISO

Once you have opened the first tab you will need to move onto the seventh screen in order to see your options. You must turn on both the Auto ISO and the viewfinder. You must turn on the viewfinder mode, even if you’re not using a tripod

Step 6.

Best Sony A9 Video Settings – SteadyShot

If you’re using a tripod you should turn on Steady Shot. This will allow you to focus easily on the subject. You should also check the audio levels regularly. You should keep the audio output audible at a minimum of 26. Keep the Audio Display on. This will make it easier to see in foggy conditions. To record videos, it is best to use the shutter button. The shutter button can also be used to turn on the ‘Movie with shutter’ option. This is a better alternative to red recording buttons. Display option

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