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How to Split Screen in Chromebook

How to split screen ChromebookSplit-screen is a great feature that allows you to get more done. Split-screen makes it much simpler to work, as one does not have to switch between apps and windows all day.

A Chromebook can set up a split-screen in a matter of minutes. When it’s done correctly, the computer will automatically resize the window. A Chromebook also allows you to split-screen on both tablet and desktop modes.

How to Split Screen in Chromebook – Desktop Mode

How to Split Screen in Chromebook Desktop Mode

When you are using the standard desktop mode, there are many ways to align or use your windows and apps simultaneously. This is a great way to accomplish multiple tasks at once.

Let’s take a look at the simplest and most widely-used method.

  1. If you wish to open two Chrome tabs at the same time, open one window first.
  2. Use a mouse cursor to grab the top bar
  3. Push it to the side and pull it down.
  4. Drag the window that you wish to align onto either side of your screen
  5. Release a highlight when you see it
  6. This side of the screen will give you a perfect 50% window.
  7. Grab the tab you like and do the same thing on the opposite side of your screen.
  8. Boom! You are now ready to go with a flawless split-screen.

You can accomplish the same task with fewer shortcuts and less mouse movement.

  1. Press the mouse long enough to activate the maximize/minimize or hold the button with your hand. These buttons are located at the top-right corner of your app/window, right next to the close button
  2. Both sides will be greeted by an arrow
  3. Move the mouse to the side that you wish to move the window to. You will see a perfect 50% of the window on the other side.

You can also use ALT + [or ] to get even faster. You can also use ALT + [or ] if you like the shortcut and want a faster way to do it.

  1. Alt + [or ] will open your tab in Google Chrome. Clicking [ will move your currently displayed window to the left, and clicking ] with Alt will move your window to its right.
  2. Clicking on an app will split the screen and open it on the right.

Note: You can always return to the standard window configuration. Click the window-expand link in the upper-right corner of each window.

Resize your Split-Screen Windows

Chrome automatically splits your screen in half and resizes each window. Once you have split your screen in half, you may want to adjust the size of one window.

Well, here is a quick trick to do so!

  1. Move the divider in between the split-screen window frames
  2. Under the pointer will appear a small box
  3. Grab it and you can resize both windows simultaneously without having to cover them.

Split-screen can be used in desktop mode from the overview mode. This is the latest addition to split-screen in Chrome OS.

  1. Split-screen mode allows you to launch the apps you wish to use
  2. On Chromebook’s keyboard, press the Show windows button (located in the F5 spot).
  3. You can drag and drop your mini-app to any side using overview mode or apps
  4. It will be expanded into split-view
  5. Select the app you want to drop on the opposite side. How to Split Screen in Chromebook – Tablet Mode

How to Split Screen in Chromebook – Tablet Mode

You need to know how to switch from the full-screen view of tablet mode to overview when you move to tablet mode.

  1. To see your open apps, swipe down from the top of the screen and hold until you reach the overview layout.
  2. Once you are done, just let go and it will be gone with all the other windows in overview mode.
  3. To drop any app, press and hold the long-press button on the overview screen.
  4. Once the screen has been taken, it will display open windows on the opposite side.
  5. Simply touch the app you wish to move and it will automatically fill the space.
  6. You can adjust or modify the size of each split-screen app by dragging a divider bar (a thin, black stripe) in its center.

Do you want to bring up your pinned dock?

  1. To return to the overview mode, swipe left or right from the edges.
  2. Choose a replacement window or an app from the shelf. How to Split Screen in Chromebook Tips and Tricks

Here you go! These shortcuts are great for mastering split-screen setups. You can make your Chromebook even more useful by making use of all its features.

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