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Best Cellular Trail Camera – Spypoint Link S

Spypoint Link is quick, lasts long, and is easy to use. Are you looking for the best cellular trail cam? This cellular trail camera works on Verizon towers. You can retrieve the images by using your smartphone to mistreat Spypoint or connecting to myspypoint.com. Any phone from any carrier will work. The Link-S Verizon phone must have at least three bars of Verizon reception.

Link-S image quality is similar to that of the Force 11D, a favorite non-cellular Spypoint. The daytime footage will be spectacular. Bright colors, sensible clarity, and many depths will be achieved regardless of whether the camera was placed in bright sunlight or significant timber.

Spypoint Link

Which is the best cell trail camera?

There are pros and cons to night footage. The footage has a limited amount of flash range and a small halo (lighter weight in the middle of the image, less at the sides). There are three modes in the Link-S settings to manage night image quality.

Ir Boost Soap flash can vary, however, there is a higher frequency of bleary photos

Blur Reduction — Less flash, but higher clarity for moving animals

Optimal is a compromise between the 2 modes.

The night photos are salmagundi. We tend to consider the Link-S night shots to be average. The images sent to the app are compressed and do not have full resolution. You can still view the full resolution footage on the Coyote State Card. The following pictures have full resolution.

Image Quality: 78/100

Photo resolution: Twelve mpxl (interpolated).

Flash Type: Red Glow Ir

Battery Life: 70/100

Picture & Video Resting Power (on): 1.03 mW

39.31 Ws

Detection Circuit: 85/100

Picture Trigger & Recovery Speed: zero.06 s. | 32.1 s.

Detection Range: Seventy linear units

Design Quality: 92/100

Dimensions: 7.25” x 5.75” x 3.75”

Type of Battery: Eight AA Batteries

External Battery Jack 12-Volt

Eight AA batteries are required for the operation of the camera. We tend to recommend metal batteries for this camera as they provide a consistent and high voltage that alcalescent or reversible batteries simply cannot.

The Link-S’s battery consumption is extremely low.

This camera could record 15-day and 15-night footage every twenty-four hours. It would last three months with a set of metal batteries. Keep in mind that this camera can last three months on just eight AA batteries, instead of the twelve AA batteries used by different cellular trail cameras.

We want to incorporate calculations for run-time with the solar battery. This is an instinctive behavior that keeps us alive. Even though we don’t have the information to publish this, run-time will likely be significantly longer than three months when the solar battery is assembling lightweight. This rating does not accurately reflect the capabilities of the solar battery.

The Link-S is faster than any other cell camera and trigger speed is better in schools.

Seventy-five linear units of detection vary. This is a good detection circuit for a cell path camera.

The Link-S case style looks similar to the Spypoint Star Cameras, but with some notable improvements. The latch has been strengthened and is now one piece. It opens and closes easily. It has an eject button on the rear that opens the duvet.

The camera has an intrinsic python bracket at the rear and a 1/4″ x 20 rib slot at the bottom for a Slate stream mount. The indoor screen can be used to set up the camera and review footage. You can perform each function simultaneously using the Spypoint app for your smartphone.

A solar battery can be a great addition to any cell phone camera. The best part about this solar battery is that you don’t have to search for it and there are no cables to help squirrels settle down from. The camera will do all the job by simply charging it in the laptop for forty-eight hours. The case is very solid. Although the antenna looks a bit fragile, we will keep an eye on it and update this review if anything changes.

Pros at Link-S

  • Built-in solar battery extends the battery’s life significantly. We will calculate.
  • Amazingly fast trigger speed
  • Spypoint offers a free knowledge setup (up to 100 footage per month).
  • It is very easy to set up

Link-S Cons

  • In the dead of the night, there is a limited flash variation
  • Trailcampro Analysis

Register for the Link-S

While the camera will do the camera settings, you might need to set up the call options on your phone. We recommend that you do each camera and cell setup in the app. Cell cameras have been known for being slow and clumsy in the past. Even for parents who aren’t “techie”, the Link-S is easy to set up.

Once you’ve turned on your camera and downloaded the app to the phone, follow the instructions. You may need to create an account to connect your new camera with the app. It takes very little time. You can then adjust the camera settings, check cell reception and Coyote State storage, as well as view the images that the camera has captured. The sim card is included with the camera. It can be found in the battery compartment.

The Link-S, one of the few cellular cameras that can be set to either air on certain days or turn off on others, is one of the best. For example, the camera can be turned on between five and eight o’clock Mon-Fri. However, it will only be available twenty-four hours every day during the weekend. This is often an underrated feature.

The camera does not have the option to send a photo on command. However, you can set the frequency at which it connects to your network to check for other setting changes. It is extremely easy to use and will not leave you in any doubt.

This app allows you to set up your knowledge. Your first month includes unlimited photos. Spypoint’s free knowledge setup (100 footage per month) is something we love. You can use the camera year-round for absolutely no cost. Here are the prices for the opposite knowledge setup options if you need more than 100 footage per month.

Free setup = 100 photos per month (photos stored for seven days).
$5/month (annual) = 250 photos/month. Photos saved for seven days
$15/month (annual) = Unlimited Photos/Month (unlimited Photo Savings)
$25 per month (monthly), = unlimited photos/month (unlimited image saving).
It is very easy to view the footage. You can scroll to the left or right of the photos and they will react immediately. Although you may not consider yourself to be the most technologically advanced person on the planet, the setup process for the Link-S is simple. Durability is not known at the moment. Spypoint’s warranty rate has been at its lowest level in twelve months. We will update this review if anything changes.

Spypoint Link S Review Conclusion: 81/100

The Link-S scores were extremely high in speed, battery life, and user-friendliness. Night footage will be a problem unless the camera is treated in thick timber where most flash differs are not required.

Overall, we like the camera. The setup was quick and easy in the United States. Additionally, the solar battery will last the camera for many months. Check out our reviews. We invite you to consider purchasing your next path camera.

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