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Tagget Enterprise Lite Review What It Is

Tagget is a software application that allows visitors to catch, engage, communicate, and profit from any website by leveraging automated phone calls, messages, emails, videos, stories, and Zero Monthly Bills Interactive Voice Response System Funnels.

Tagget Review is a 5-in-1 marketing tool that allows you to take advantage of automated phone calls, messages, emails, videos, stories, and talk, allowing you to catch, interact, connect, and benefit from visitors to any website.

It is a robust, complete multi-channel marketing platform in the hands of thousands of customers who urgently need the company corridor’s solution under one dashboard.

Let us see in this Tagget Analysis how you can become a marketing force online in any niche.


Tagget App Features

Mobile Number Two-way: –To connect and engage with visitors to your website, leads, and customers, you get access to a 2-way phone number.

Funnels Automatic Lead Capture:-To create a list of receptive subscribers with whom you can communicate through automated phone calls, SMS, and emails, you can create automatic lead capture funnels. You can create campaigns to catch leads, campaigns for promo code pages, campaigns for countdown timers, campaigns for splash pages, and more.

Transcription for Voicemail:-From the prospects or customers visiting your website, you get access to Real-time speech-text transcription and voicemails notification as SMS or emails straight to your mobile phone.

Story Widget on-page:-It comes with the On-Page Story Widget, with which you can say your story instantly, have your visitor take part in a live survey, fill in a form, or even have them guided to an affiliate connection.

Auto-dialer Built-in Mass:-Tagget comes with a built-in mass auto-dialer that enables you to make live calls via your dashboard Tagget and receive incoming calls via your auto-generated tagget number.

(Event Triggers) schemes:-Based on preset conditions, such as weekends, holidays, business hours, etc., the smart incoming call or SMS action triggers

Caller-identifier automatic:-Automatic caller identification helps you to get useful information inside the tagget dashboard on who is calling.

IVR (Interact Flow):-To accept input from callers and route them in different ways, create a call flow (across agents, actions, etc.).create the first-ever Call Lead Generation Campaigns and Automate your Lead-Magnet Distribution by giving your callers call-to-actions.

Analytics for Insight:-In real-time, the spatial locator helps you refer to your visitor and the visitors’ activity pattern.

Phone Calls for Broadcast:-Do you have multiple agents or support field employees for customer care? You can broadcast an incoming call to anyone at will; each agent and service center does not need to allocate numbers.

Notifier for Email:– From your current email (Gmail, yahoo, outlook, webmail, etc.) environment, unique keywords, or key phrases for incoming emails, you can create an email campaign. An urgent email that needs a priority will not be missed; as when such emails come in, you get an instant SMS and a voice call.

Rights of Agency:-Tagget comes with agency rights free during the launch time. It helps you to advertise over and over again for your customers.


How Tagget Works?


Step 1:-Log in to your Tagget dashboard and set up your phone number to connect with guests, leads, or customers of your website.

Step 2:-To create a Sensitive Email list and phone numbers in minutes, create a Lead Capture Campaign.

Step 3:-Engage those leads to close those leads for you and your customers by deploying automated and simultaneous, multi-channel phone, SMS, Email, Story & Interactive Voicemail campaigns!

Step 4:- is nothing but gathering and rinsing your checks and repeating the steps from 1 to 3 as many times as you wish.

Tagget features

Tagget  Enterprise Lite Review By MrPerfect.Reviews

Tagget  Enterprise Lite Review Pros and Cons

  • Friendly Apps for Users
  • Its one-time price, no monthly fee
  • Marketing app 5-in-1 under one dashboard.
  • It is the internet marketing platform’s future.
  • Transcription of real-time voice-text & voicemail alerts
  • You will quickly get between $500 and $2000 a day.
  • Offer to Launch: Agency Right


  • Too many upsells to make the most of the features, as usual,

Click Here For Tagget Salespage

Front End Tagget Pro: 47 dollars to 97 dollars

  • Instant 2-way contact with phone numbers from 75+ countries
  • Creator of the Capture Type Page
  • Capture models of page x10
  • Capture campaigns from Immersive Story Widget Creator x10
  • The x1000 Credit Units Call, SMS, IVR, and Voice System
  • Chatbots with Collaborative A. I Sms, Call & Voice Note
  • Method of Email Marketing x1000 credit units
  • Interactive AI Help Widget on Instant Website
  • Analytics of Insight
  • Company License

OTO 1-Deluxe Tagget Suite: $67

  • Calling Machine Video Conferencing (zoom feature)
  • Capturing x20 page templates
  • Credit Units Call, SMS, IVR, and Voice System x2000
  • The framework of Email Marketing x2000 credit units
  • Voicemail Transcription-Get real-time voice-text transcription & voicemail updates directly to your mobile phone as an SMS or email message from prospects or customers visiting your websites, without leaving your tab.
  • A smart incoming call or SMS action triggers based on predetermined conditions such as weekends, holidays, business hours, etc., are schemes (event triggers).
  • Call Recording-Audio recording of real-time calls conversation to enhance customer experience after the call, less taking notes, and automatically following the prospect before you make a sale.
  • The function of Whatsapp Broadcast x 2000 credit units
  • Voicemail Transcription-Get real-time speech-text transcription & voicemail alerts directly to your mobile phone as an SMS or email message from prospects or customers visiting your websites, without leaving your page.-Schemes (Event Triggers)-Smart incoming call or SMS action triggers based on predetermined conditions such as weekends, holidays, business hours, etc.
  • Tagget Academy Preparation shows what you need to successfully use Tagget as an organization, offering the platform to ALL kinds of online companies as your service. How to get customers from agencies.

OTO 2 Tagget Agency: 97 dollars

  • Done for your agency site with all the tagget features
  • Personalized API (allows users to connect their SMTP and sell credits to their clients)
  • Video Agency Instruction on how to get customers to set up their agency site properly
  • Done for your enterprise site with all the tagget features
  • A multiple 7 figure marketer has written an ad copy for you to promote your tag enterprise site on Facebook or Google.
  • Special Done for you Graphics to advertise your Facebook or Google enterprise site
  • Video training on how you can handle your business site in the best possible way

OTO 2 DS Tagget Agency Lite: 47 dollars

OTO 3-Bootcamp for Tagget Profit: $677

Bundle of Stock Rush

For Tagget buyers only, a special package deal gives users access to 10 million+ stock images, diagrams, videos, audios, GIFs, and vectors for their Tagget marketing campaigns.

Plus it has Advanced Improved Features on the OTO1 that will significantly improve revenues!

OTO 4-Tagget Done For You Club/Templates/Credit Units

$37 Monthly

$147 annually

$297 One-Time Charge for Paying

Provides users monthly access to capture page templates, additional monthly credits for launching promotions for IVR or phone calls, sending emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages via the tagged site.

OTO 5-Unlimited license for developer/reseller: $497.

Opportunity for users to obtain developer license to our entire tagget code and reseller license to use our sales material to offer customers unrestricted tagget access and build accounts for as many customers as you can produce while retaining 100 percent of the profit and we do all the hard work of updating the software and keeping your customers satisfied.

OTO 5 DS-License for Tagget Limited Reseller

100 License: $97 License: $97
200 License: $197-$1977
500 License: $297 License: $2977

Chance to get one of their Reseller Exclusive plans at a Massive discount

Tagget Launch-time Exclusive Bonus General Bonus Details


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