Tagget Pro Review


Tagget Pro Review What It Is

Tagget is the world’s first and only 7-in-1 marketing platform that allows you to take advantage of automated phone calls, text, email, video stories, and fully immersive voice response funnels to catch, engage, communicate, and benefit from visitors on any website.


Check what you are capable of doing with Tagget:

Marketing for Email:

You can create inboxed email broadcasts like crazy with Tagget.

Marketing on SMS:

Tagget can send text messages to every cell phone on the planet instantly.

Broadcasts on WhatsApp:

There is Whatsapp for almost anyone with a cell phone, and you can now hit this gold mine to market & create confidence.

Phone Calls to the Website:

It enables visitors to your website to initiate phone calls (and or even video calls) from your website directly to your handset at zero cost to you or your agents.

Drops for Digital Voicemail:

Any voicemail box with proven marketing templates can now be massaged voice messages and sent directly to any smartphone across the globe in mere seconds.

Stories on Video:

To immediately engage visitors to create trust and easily convince them to take specific actions, use this unique widget technology.


With complete drag and drop features, it takes the famous chatbot marketing to a whole new level through FB messenger.

The best part here is,

Not only can you use Tagget to advertise your own ecom websites, digital goods, and affiliate deals, but you can get access to Commercial Rights within so that you can give other companies the push-button marketing services inside Tagget and get PAID in exchange.

Tagget Pro Working Review

I’m going to show you how you can benefit from visitors to any website in this segment of Tagget Analysis by leveraging automated phone calls, text, email, video stories, and fully immersive funnels of voice response.

But you can still check out all the step-by-step training videos that you can find right inside the dashboard area before you get started.


Stage #1 (Phone Number Setup):

To connect with guests, leads, or clients of your website, log into your Tagget dashboard and set up your Tagget phone number.

Scan from a 100% configurable telephone number pool in over 100 countries… Searching by region, particular digits, etc.

Then, based on those parameters, such as voice mail broadcasts, SMS, Text, and Voice Interactive Funnels, set up your Tagget number to run on autopilot.

Tagget Review - Huge $25K Bonus+OTO Links- Worlds 1st 5-in-1 Marketing App

Stage #2: Campaign

To create a Sensitive list of emails and phone numbers in just minutes, create a high-converting lead capture campaign.

Tagget by Misan Morrison


Stage #3: Engage

By using Tagget to video or voice call, phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp broadcasts, video stories, and even immersive voicemail drop campaigns to close those leads to sales at will, engaging those leads.

Tagget.io - Messaging for your business


Tagget Pro Review- Features And Benefits

Check out all of this groundbreaking software’s incredible features…

Multi-Purpose Automated Platform:

Using video stories and the most effective marketing platforms that engage your guests like never before, build profitable marketing campaigns.

Two Way Telephone Number:

To connect with and communicate with your website users, leads and clients, get a 2-way A.I phone number for free to process your email, calls, and interactive voice response system.

Type Pages Capture:

Develop campaigns for lead capture, campaigns for promo code pages, campaigns for countdown timers, campaigns for splash pages, and more.

Image Story Widget for Capture:

You can immediately tell your story about your company, product, or services with the first on-page Story Widget to market and immediately appeal to your visitor to take a buying action, engage in a live poll, fill out a form, or get redirected to an affiliate promo connection.

Get Speech-text Transcription & Alerts in real-time:

Get speech-text transcription & voicemail alerts in real-time as SMS or email messages. From prospects or customers visiting your websites, straight to your mobile phone… without even having to leave your tab.

Website-Calls by Phone:

Enable your website visitors to make calls directly to your phone from your website without the stress of copying or delaying numbers to take certain actions on your websites.

(Event Triggers) schemes:

Based on preset conditions such as weekends, holidays, business hours, etc., smart incoming call or SMS action triggers

Recording The Call:

The audio recording of real-time call interaction to help you progress during call customer engagements, less writing notes so that you immediately follow up with prospects before you make a deal.

IVR (Interact Flow):

To accept input from callers and route them in different ways, create a call flow (across agents, actions, etc.). Create the first lead generation call campaigns ever and send your callers call-to-actions that automate the distribution of your lead magnet.


Keep linked to your callers and website users and stay closer to them. To highlight your brand or to get personal, use video. After phone calls, connect and engage your callers and visitors, and also after they leave your website.

Analytics for Insight:

Get to know the location and actions of your business customers in order to allow you to interact in real-time with them.


It has never been easier to build powerful chatbots via text messaging in ANY niche. No needed learning.

Centered on the Cloud:

Nothing to download or install. On all computers, Tagget is available… From anywhere, build & customize your campaigns.

On Any Website Embed:

By putting Tagget on any website, Skyrocket your engagement, leads & sales.

Templates Premium:

In order to make your campaigns POP, it has templates for the required sign up forms, and everything in between.

Artificial Intelligence Powerful:

Sit back & relax while video, speech, calls, SMS, VoiceMail Drops, and Whatsapp broadcasts are used automatically by the program… To create mad instant marketing funnels at will.

Mass Unrestricted Broadcasts:

Send as many marketing messages with no limitations on your leads as you want (Credit system applies for email, SMS, and WhatsApp, voicemail drops. Top up when you run out instantly)

Simple Personalization:

Complete versatility to incorporate branding, text, pictures, audio, videos, timed delays and much more to ‘humanize’ your conversations.

All-In-One Automation Complete:

All the way from answering inquiries, engaging customers, cultivating leads without you being online to closing sales for you 24/7.

License for Commercial:

For the launch era, full-blown Agency Rights were also included free of charge. So you can use this tool over and over for your consumer campaigns.

Geographical Site:

Get to know the location and actions of your business customers so that you can interact with them in real-time easily. It’s a huge deal to consider the guests and where they come from.

Mass Built-In, Auto-Dialer:

Through your Tagget dashboard, you can make LIVE calls and receive incoming calls through your automatically generated Tagget number.


Tagget Review – Pros and Cons



  • Software that’s cloud-based.
  • Instant 2-way contact from 75+ countries with phone numbers
  • Page Builder Capture Form Included
  • Capture Campaigns x10 immersive story widget creator
  • The x1000 credit units call, SMS, IVR, and voice system
  • Bots for immersive A.I SMS, call & voice note chat
  • Interactive A.I Instant Website Help Widget
  • Analytics from Insight
  • Inclusive business license
  • Selling this to your customers as a benefit
    Within, get step by step video instruction.
  • Refund policy for 30 days so almost no risk involved
  • With this software, I am completely Satisfied



Tagget Review – Who Can Use It?

  • Marketers for associates
  • Marketers for Digital
  • Specialists in SEO
  • Local proprietors of the company
  • Proprietors of Ecom shop
  • Businesspeople
  • Bloggers for
  • Proprietors of every website
  • Work-from-home people
  • Builders of the List
  • The Freelancers
  • Several others

Tagget Review – Upsell

Yes, there are5optional OTOs or upgrades now. You don’t really need to use Tagget for all of them, but depending on your situation and usage, they may be helpful.

OTO/Upsell#1>>Tagget Deluxe Suite -$67Only

You basically become one of its VIP members when you upgrade to the Deluxe Version of Tagget, which means you get access to exclusive one-on-one help, function updates that will make you more money, and they’ll hold your hand and get all setup.

Key Features 

Transcription for Voicemail:

Get real-time speech-text transcription & voicemail updates directly to your mobile phone as an SMS or email address, from prospects or customers visiting your websites, without leaving your tab.

(Event Triggers) schemes:

Based on preset conditions such as weekends, holidays, business hours, etc., smart incoming call or SMS action triggers

Recording The Call:

Real-time audio recording conversation calls to help you boost customer experience after the call, fewer take notes, instantly track the prospect before you make a sale.

More Amazing Characteristics:

  • Calling framework for video conferencing (zoom feature)
  • Capturing x20 page templates
  • The x2000 Credit Units Call, SMS, IVR, and Voice System
  • System of email marketing x2000 credit units
  • Whatsapp Broadcast Feature x 2000 units of credit
  • Includes Agency License
  • Training at Tagget Academy shows what you need to effectively use Tagget as an agency,
  • selling the platform to ALL kinds of online companies as your own service.

OTO/Upsell#2: Tagget Enterprise -$97 Only

You get exclusive rights to resell all the marketing services available to you inside the Tagget software when you upgrade to Tagget Enterprise, and you will get access to our whole “done for you” service that gives you everything you need to start landing high-paying customers this week.

Key Features

  • Done for you Tagget enterprise landing customers website – no cold calling needed
  • You will be able to resell to customers all of the services inside Tagget and keep 100 percent of the profits for yourself.
  • Done for your ad copy written by multiple 7-figure marketers on Facebook or Google to promote your Tagget business site
  • Exclusive Done for you Graphics to advertise your Facebook or Google enterprise site
  • Video instruction on how to handle the web of your company in the best possible way $10k+ a month Tagget Video Training Step-by-Step
  • High-value apps package included.

OTO/Upsell#3: Stockrush Bundle -$57 Only

You’ll have another way to make money by helping company owners and online advertisers escape litigation by giving them access to premium stock media when you get this unique edition of StockRush that is only open to Tagget customers.

Only Tagget buyers have an exclusive package deal that gives users access to 10 million+ of stock images, diagrams, videos, audios, GIFs, and vectors for their Tagget marketing campaigns.

Key Features

  • 10 million reselling and personal use stock media files
  • Unique rights to resell social media from Stockrush and receive 100% of the benefit
  • “Done for you” page for Stockrush resellers to get customers
  • Stockrush editor, replacer app for history, and advanced features
  • Make money with step-by-step video training by Stockrush.

OTO/Upsell#4: Tagget DFY Template Club -$37 Monthly or $147 yearly or $297 One- Time

This offers users monthly access to capture page templates, additional monthly credits for launching campaigns for IVR or phone calls, sending emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages through the tagget platform.

Key Features:

  • Get extra marketing credits of 10,000 to 30,000 a month
  • Use automated emails, voicemail drops, SMS, and even WhatsApp marketing credits for
  • “Monthly templates added from 10 to 25 proven-to-get results “Done for you
  • Gain access to secret functionality and special updates
  • One-on-one priority access assistance.

OTO/Upsell#5: Unlimited Developer/Reseller License -$497 One-Time 

To build a life-changing passive income, get the Tagget unrestricted Reseller license along with all of the “done for you” sales materials.

Opportunity for you to gain developer license to the entire Tagget code and reseller license to use all the sales material to sell Tagget unrestricted access to customers and build accounts for as many customers as you can produce while keeping 100% of the profit.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited rights to resellers
  • See accounts & hold 100% of the benefit
  • “Done for you” supplies for sales
  • Reseller preparation step-by-step
  • Done with support for you.

OTO/Upsell #6: Limited Reseller License

  • 500 Whitelabel License => $297 Only
  • 250 Whitelabel License => $197 Only
  • 100 Whitelabel License => $97 Only

To build a life-changing passive income, get the Tagget restricted Reseller license along with all of the “done for you” sales materials.

Key Features:

  • Creating accounts for up to 500 clients
  • See accounts & hold 100% of the benefit
  • “Done for you” supplies for sales
  • Reseller preparation step-by-step
  • Done with support for you.


Tagget Review -Why Should You Get It

If you’re looking for an easy way to create winning marketing campaigns for no cost traffic, leads, and sales, then Tagget is a very good option for you.

Tagget provides a complete marketing solution that online and offline businesses desperately need and want.

  • It allows you to Capture, Engage, Interact, and profit from visitors on any website by leveraging automatic phone calls, text, email, video stories & completely interactive voice response funnels.
  • You will be able to create an embeddable live call widget without writing a single line of code, so visitors can now call your business from your website, INSTANTLY.
  •  They can go directly to your mobile phone, or your agents, with no call charge or any nonsense.
  • You can even add a Recipient phone number, so that all Calls / SMS / WhatsApp will go to this number, without the sender (visitor of your website) being charged for that privilege
  • And what makes Tagget really special is that you are also getting full Commercial Rights on the front end.
  • Not only can you use these new amazing marketing technologies for yourself, but you can also offer these amazing marketing services to other businesses and get paid handsomely in return.


So, What would be your main reasons for using Tagget?

  • Finally, get the greatest customer engaging experience you will ever come across in the entire Digital Marketing Industry
  • You get a simplified campaign building experience (no dashboard bloated with useless features here) (no dashboard bloated with useless features here)
  • Use Tagget as your own agency selling email autoresponder services, SMS, WhatsApp broadcasting, voicemail drops, and so much more
  • You get software specifically made for marketers by marketers.
  • Here, the best thing is that Tagget comes with a complete 30 days money-back guarantee that lets you simply buy this next generation 5-in-1 marketing suite.
  • Further, currently, Tagget is available at an amazing early bird offer price so what the heck you are waiting for? Just grab your copy of Tagget right now from this review and start feeling the difference.


For a Very Limited Time, You Can Grab Tagget at a Special Discounted Price.

So, Don’t Miss Out!

Get Tagget For Just $97 $47.99 (Agency)One-Time

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Tagget by Misan Morrison

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