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iOS Video Editing Apps

The camera phones are getting better every day. We can now take incredible photos and videos with our phones. iPhones have the most advanced built-in cameras. Here’s a list with video editing apps that will turn your iPhone into a mini editing tool.

We have listed the Top 5 iOS apps that can be used by any editor, from beginner to expert.

1. VLLO – A free editing application. You read that correctly. It is completely free. You can export videos with no watermark and up to 4k quality. Is it too good to be true? You’ll need to watch an advertisement in order to use the app for free. It’s not free but it comes with ads. If you can get an app for free, what’s the point of a 30-second ad? There are more. The Adjustment Layer is a feature that you’d find in professional editing software. This is a great feature that allows you to bulk apply effects and color adjustments on all footage aligned to it. The single layer also displays the audio waveform. This app is great for anyone on a tight budget. This app is great for color grading, text, and transitions. You can also purchase a premium version, which removes ads and allows you to unlock more transitions, text, and other advanced features.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush – One of the best video editing apps for iOS. You can use it for both beginner and advanced features. The app supports multiple tracks for audio and video. Adobe Premiere Rush’s unique feature is that it can be used on any platform and on any device. Adobe Rush is cross-platform and can be used on any device. You can customize presets, filters, and text, just like other apps. You can only export 3 videos free of charge, and then you will have to pay the app. You can bundle Adobe Rush and Adobe Premiere together, or the entire Creative Suite.

3. iMovie – A simple, free tool that works on iPhone and iPad. You can export up to 4k videos and create trailers. It’s easy to use, simple and user-friendly. It can be used to add music, transitions, and effects.

One of the downsides to this feature is that it only allows you to add text on one track. This means that you cannot extend the timeline beyond the first scene. You can’t scale your footage down to fit the screen if you use a different size image. You will need to remove each clip individually from the automatic cross-dissolve. It’s an intuitive and quick way to put together movie projects.

4. LumaFusion – This is the best app for video editing I have ever seen. It’s even more powerful than Premiere Rush. It’s like Adobe Premiere meets Final Cut, but it’s a mobile application. It’s amazing! It’s amazing! You can edit audio and video tracks, scale, rotate and move them, as well as set key frames. It can also import multiple 4K videos, make voiceovers, and has pre-set filters that can be adjusted. The color grading is amazing. You will find everything you need to make an incredible video.

Although the interface may seem overwhelming at first, the advanced features allow you to customize the layout. This is true regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or iPad. You can also adjust the screen size to fit your device. Your files can be archived to the cloud. This app is great for intermediate or advanced editors. This app is unlike any other. Although it doesn’t come with a free version, the one-time purchase is a great deal. As I said, this app is like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut combined. LumaFushion simply is a game-changer. Simply put.

5. InShot is a quick and simple editing program that allows you to do basic photo and video editing. You can speed up or down your videos, adjust brightness and contrast, saturation, etc. It also offers a wide range of custom effects and filters. It is very easy to use, and the controls are intuitive. Anyone can use it immediately. Your export will be free but with a watermark. You can either remove the watermark by watching an advertisement or just getting the paid version. This is a great tool for beginners or anyone who needs to quickly edit their videos.

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