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Tips for Wedding Photography

Professional photographers require a lot of dedication and hard work. A professional wedding photographer is essential when covering a wedding event.

Professional wedding photographers know how to capture the most precious moments with their creative and trained eyes. Here are some tips and tricks for wedding photography.

Every shot should show the couple looking their best. They can do some research on their own. They leave the rest to the professional photographer hired for the event. The couple has many options for poses to try at their wedding. Both the photographer and the couple will find this list useful.

Tips and ideas for wedding photography

The First Look

Photographers must capture the first glance of the couple on their wedding day. The photographer can arrange for a private spot to capture the moment.

Wedding Photography Posing – The First look

Admiring the Wedding Dress

This is a very unique pose for the bride to take when she first sees her wedding gown an hour before the big day. Ask her to smile while admiring the dress.

Wedding Photography Posing – Admiring the wedding dress


This is a classic pose for wedding photography that’s still very popular today. Ask the bride to cover her husband’s eyes and stand behind him. This is also a great shot to use as a main photo for the event. This pose can be used to tell a story by a photographer.

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The Hand Kiss

The Hand Kiss pose speaks louder that words. Ask the groom to gently kiss the bride’s hands. Take a photo from a distance and keep it as a souvenir for the couple.

Wedding Photography Posing – Hand kiss

The Wedding Walk

Another traditional wedding pose is the Wedding Walk. However, it’s still one of my favorite. The couple begins by walking slowly through the backyard wearing a wedding dress and suit.

Wedding Photography Posing – Wedding Walk

The Umbrella Shot

Props can help a wedding photographer unleash their creativity. To capture a dynamic shot of the couple in the umbrella’s shadow, an umbrella makes a great prop. This shot is unique and requires special lighting from one side.

Wedding Photography Posing – Umbrella shots

The Frame

The photographer can also add a photo-frame to create a unique shot with the couple. The couple poses in this unique pose and captures multiple shots with their creative work. This pose requires background lighting. Make sure there is enough light in the background.

The Relaxed Pose

This is a unique pose that reflects a fairytale couple, where the bride feels secure on his shoulder. Ask the bride to place her head on his shoulder and stare calmly at the camera. To make the pose even more perfect, you can take several shots from close up and at different angles.

The Laughter

Ask the couple to get out and about, talking to one another. Capture the shot when the couple smiles and talks. You should capture the laughter shot naturally.

The Forehead Kiss

The sweetest kiss for the couple is the forehead kiss. Photographers should ask the groom to gently kiss his forehead. To make it appear more natural, the groom should wrap his hands around his face and close his eyes. This is the perfect way to capture the relaxed moment between the couple.

The Intimate Looks

This is how in love they are. They have decided to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. The love between the couple is what makes it possible. This must be documented to make a lasting memory.

The Kiss

The final shot of the couple’s wedding photography album is their last kiss. The live shot can be taken during the wedding. You can also ask the couple to kiss one another for this obligatory shot. The photo should look natural and bright.

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