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Blackberry Phone History

Blackberry’s history is the one that has shaped today’s smartphone concept. Smartphones give us access to the outside world much like our sense organs but without any physical restrictions. Smartphones weren’t always this simple. These phones were simple devices that allowed you to send and receive text messages and calls. How did this change? Although it may be difficult to pinpoint an exact instance of this revolution in history, one can agree that Blackberry played an important historical role. Let’s look at the legacy left by this pioneer manufacturer.

Blackberry Pager: Revolution History

Blackberry, as we know it today, was originally a pager manufacturer called Interactive. It was one the most popular pagers of the 1990s. A few of the blackberry timeline products were manufactured. They saw great success and received large multi-million-dollar orders from large corporations. Inter@active was not content to be another player in this market. They wanted to push the boundaries. They rebranded themselves as Blackberry and began manufacturing pagers that could also page email. Their email-focused revolution was born, and they enjoyed all the success and fame that followed.

Blackberry History Email orientation

Blackberry, after their success in pagers, finally entered the smartphone market with their first phone in 2002. They became the company that we all know. This phone had two key selling points. It was optimized for email, which was a huge selling point in the corporate world. Blackberry phones became a staple for every professional working today. This was not the only innovation, as we now reach the second, wireless service. It allowed users to browse the internet from their smartphones, something that was unheard of back then.

Blackberry History Huge strides

Blackberry’s innovations went beyond software. Their innovative hardware was a large part of their success. These innovations were mostly two-fold. First, the phone’s shape. Blackberries were shorter and more rectangular than most phones at the time. This was due to the keyboard’s second revolution. Blackberry was the first phone to have a QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry’s name was inspired by its keys that resembled blackberry fruits. This arrangement was ideal for thumbing or typing with just your thumbs.

Blackberry History Marginal Optimization

Blackberry has always optimized its products throughout its history. It all started with their screens. Blackberry’s screen, like many other manufacturers of that time, was largely monochrome. Blackberry also adopted color screens as a trend, and they have continued to do so ever since. Touch screens were the next big thing. Blackberry came up with an innovative solution. The screens’ basic form factor was unchanged in the early days of touch screens. However, the screens were touch-sensitive. They later moved to full-sized touch screens with sliding keyboards. All their keyboards had convenient gesture controls and even unique keys.

Blackberry History Competition

Blackberry was faced with huge competition throughout its history, just like all capitalist companies. With innovations that have made blackberry history what it is today, they managed to keep up with the competition for more than a decade. Soon, however, market trends and preferences changed quickly, and Blackberry’s inability to adapt or unwillingness to change led to its first loss in 2013 when Nokia Lumia defeated it. Blackberry continued to lose market share. The company was eventually sold to TCL, BB Merah Putih, and Optimus Incom.


Although the last section might seem to be the end of an era for Blackberry, it is not. Blackberry phones are still made, and if you’re one of their loyal customers who is always captivated by their quirky quirks, this list shows which phones are still available for purchase in 2019.

  • Blackberry Key 2 Today’s flagship phone from Blackberry. This phone combines Blackberry’s traditional charm with today’s advanced technology. The iconic keyboard is available with all of the optimizations, including scrolling, scrolling, and selections. It has an ergonomic design for maximum grip and a state-of-the-art camera. It runs Android and is optimized with an optimization that makes it truly optimal for modern businessmen.
  • Blackberry Key 1 – The Blackberry Key one smartphone is a modern phone with the classic charm of Blackberry. It features all the same features as Key 2, but with some unique, additional differences. It has a memory of 256GB, which can be expanded by microSD cards. It has the longest battery life and some of the most advanced security features available. Many believe it to be the most secure Android phone on the market.
  • Older Models There may be older models that are still available for refurbishment or resold. These include the Blackberry evolve and the famous blackberry passport. You may be able to get them at a lower price than what they cost new. If you’re looking for an older model, all your bases will be covered.


Blackberry is a company that has revolutionized the way people use mobile phones. This is the Blackberry legacy. Although this is still a question that needs to be answered, all indications suggest that it may not be. They will continue to rebuild their businesses and be stronger than ever before. This is a good thing for the consumer as it means that phones are getting better and better every day. If you’re interested in their products or find their method of operation convenient, you can still purchase them from local stores!

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