Thinnest 17 Inch Laptop


Thinnest 17 Inch Laptop

MSI has been manufacturing laptops that are gaming-oriented for a few years now. We look at their latest 17-inch ultra-thin gaming laptop. The model comes with a Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX1060 graphics. There is also a 4k IPS panel on the side, a Steel series keyboard, Killer networking, and a Killer networking panel. The MSI GS73 6RF Stealth Pro is priced at PS1999.99 inc. VAT. It targets wealthy enthusiasts users.

Thinnest 17 Inch Laptop

In recent months we have reviewed several high-end desktop replacement laptops that are immoderately powerful and expensive. We also reviewed the MSI Titan 18. The monster includes two GTX1080 GPUs in SLI. The ‘StealthPro’ is for the other side of the enthusiast market. According to the World Health Organization, a portable computer should be lightweight and portable so that it can be used in any situation.

MSI GS73 6RF Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop with a completely different panel selection. It supports 120Hz 1080p, possibly an expensive IPS 4k 60Hz. We have had a tendency lately to see the area unit.

These options really add up. Clique gamers will enjoy the 120Hz 1080p option, while other users can appreciate the stunning clarity and elegant color rendition of the 4KIPS panel.

The GTX 1060 mobile GPU performs very well compared to the full-on desktop card. Although the core clock and boost clock are a little lower on the mobile part, they still maintain the eighty texture units and ten SM units as well as 1,280 shaders, forty-eight ROPS, and the eighteen SM units of the desktop card. Each card is equipped with 6GB GDDR5 memory – which is enough to run 1080p vice.

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