Top 5 Video Editing Software


Top 5 Android Video Editing Apps

It’s easy to shoot high-quality videos these days. You can do it even on your smartphone. However, to edit them, you will need powerful software.

Video editing software is demanding of a device. It requires high-spec specs, lots of RAM, and knowledge about how to use the software. Video editing apps are becoming more popular as technology advances. Many content creators, professionals, and amateurs, now do their own video productions using these apps.

These apps are not as powerful as video editing software, but they can do a decent job. We have compiled a list of the top apps and ranked them.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

This is a simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro. However, it’s still quite powerful. This app has both audio and video tracks, which is a big advantage over other apps. Multiple tracks allow you to add layers and give you more control over how your video will be edited. It supports a variety of file formats. You can customize the presets, filters, and texts to your liking. But that’s just one part of it. Adobe Premiere Rush can be used on any platform and any device. You can transfer files from your phone to your computer and continue your work on your computer. It doesn’t matter if you use iOS, Android, MAC, or PC. Your files will work perfectly. It allows for seamless editing.

You can export up to three videos with the free trial version. You will need to subscribe after that. It doesn’t work on all Android devices. To see the list of compatible phones for this app, click here. It is perfect for beginners to experts as the interface is very simple.

2. Kinemaster

It is considered one of the top video editing apps. You have many options and controls to edit your videos. Some of these features are only available in desktop video editing software. You can arrange the sequence by having multiple tracks on your timeline. You can use equalizers, advanced keyframing and chroma keys, as well as split screens. You can store music, effects, and filters within the app. It doesn’t allow you to choose a custom aspect ratio. There are only three options and the color grading system is very basic.

You can export 720p videos with a watermark, but the free version allows you to export them. It also allows you to export up to 4k videos with no watermark. This is a great option for creating YouTube videos, videos on YouTube, and social media videos. However, I recommend that you purchase the paid version. 720p is not a good quality for YouTube, and your videos will have a watermark, which I don’t think anyone would like.

3. InShot

You can do a quick and easy editing job. This app allows you to do this. You can do basic editing like trimming and fade in and out. There are many filters and effects that you can customize. You can also add music and stickers. You can also edit photos and make collages. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

It has only one track on the timeline and does not have advanced features like Rush or Kinemaster. The app is free but the export will be marked with a watermark. However, you can remove it by watching an advertisement. You can also pay for the app if you are annoyed by advertisements and don’t want to waste your time watching them.


You may have ever tried an app that you thought was free and then it asked for payment or a watermark when you try to save your work. VLLO allows you to use their app without any of these restrictions.

This feature is often found in desktop software. It includes an adjustment layer. The adjustment layer allows you to apply effects, color grading, and other functions. Anything below it, or that is aligned with it, will be affected. Although it only has one layer on the timeline, it offers a lot of color grading. It also has visuals of audio waveforms which are cool. You can use the free graphic transitions. This tool is perfect for anyone who has a limited budget but still wants to have a great tool. Get VLLO now! You can export your video in up to 4k resolution for free and without a watermark. But, as you know, it will come with ads. You can either pay to have it removed or upgrade to premium, which will allow you access to all the advanced features, such as text effects and transitions.

5. Cyberlink Powerdirector

This is a great Android editing app. It’s easy to use and allows for quick editing. It is a beginner-friendly app with a decent color correction tool, large files compatibility, multiple tracks for audio/video, and free texts, transitions effects, filters, and music.

The downside is that once you start working, you cannot switch to a different aspect ratio. So if you are working on a 16×9 video, you won’t be able to easily switch to 1:1. You’ll need to start all over again. The free version lets you export up to 720p without a watermark. Paid unlocks all features and allows you to export up to 4k videos.

You can find many other video editing software online, but these apps will allow you to have more creative control over the videos. Let us know what you think about them!

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