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The Best Vizio TV Models & Discounts for 2021

Samsung, the world-famous television manufacturer, has made a significant breakthrough in Quantum dots technology in 2018. This was under its QLED brand. Vizio is now in fierce competition with Samsung. Their first TV model with quantum dots, which they launched one year ago, has become quite popular. Vizio launched the extremely affordable M-series quantum at a very competitive market price to take the Quantum dots series’ curtain off.

Let us take you on a ride through the many models of quantum dot televisions ever released by Vizio.

Today’s Best Vizio TV Models & Grab the Discount Deals Now!

What is quantum dot technology or QLED technology?

Quantum dot, or QLED, is growing in popularity. We have always admired LCD TVs’ visual clarity. QLED technology is now in fashion and promises ‘enhanced performance’. QLED technology is being referred to by many market experts as the successor to LCD. Recent reports suggest that LCD technology will be combined with the QLED technology to enhance your TV viewing experience.

Quantum dot technology, a manually made nano-crystal with semiconductor characteristics, enhances the brightness of still and video images on an LCD screen. Quantum dots can be described as emissive particles that, when combined with protons from an external light source, become activated. Each dot emits a color that corresponds to its size. In this case, the larger dots emit red light while the smaller ones emit green light.

What are some of the most notable features of Vizio technologies?

Vizio has made significant technological improvements to its 2017 models. Although the Vizio TV runs the same Google Chromecast-based apps as before, the TV now has an on-screen interface that allows you to access web applications using a remote. Although the app-makers have given their support in making this venture a success, Vizio still has much to do with technology.

What models of Vizio TVs are available on the market?

Best Vizio TV Models 1:

VIZIO (TM) 70” Class 4K HDR SmartTV: This smart TV costs $758.00 and supports HDR10, HDR10, and HLG. VIZIO D Series(TM), 70″ Class 4K HDR SmartTV has 4K Ultra HD Resolution, which is 4x as detailed as 1080p Full HD. The faster, more user-friendly technology that is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is what keeps us hooked. This television has a diagonal screen of 69.5 inches and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Because it features a Full-Array LED backlight, VIZIO D Series(TM), 70″ Class 4K HDR SmartTV needs to be mentioned. Two things are worth mentioning in smart functionality: VIZIO SmartCast with Chromecast integrated. Google Assistant is also compatible with the voice process.

The Best Vizio TV Models 2 & Discount:

This TV can be suspended on a table or a desk thanks to its portability. This TV will cost you much less than the smaller Blu-ray boxes. The 24-inch television has full HD resolution and SmartCast for media playback. The TV is affordable, so even those on a tight budget can purchase it. Remarkably, the TV comes with a full-TV panel at such a low price. Its screen size is 24 inches, and the price is $139. This television has a resolution of 1920*1080, which is quite impressive. This TV has a 60 Hz refresh rate and comes with 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. It weighs in at 7.3 pounds. The TV is equipped with SmartCast technology and Chromecast.

The Best Vizio TV Models 3 & Deals:

VIZIO SmartCast(TM), P-Series (TM), 65” UltraHD TV: This TV features XLED pro pic which delivers stunning clarity in UltraHD for an outstanding picture experience. Chromecast is built into this smart television so you can seamlessly run thousands or hundreds of Chromecast-compatible apps. You can even play content directly from your phone to the display by using voice commands.

Best Vizio TV Models 4:

VIZIO SmartCast (TM), M-Series(TM), 50” Class UltraHD TV: Vizio’s M-series is gaining popularity due to its excellent picture quality and affordability. Surprisingly it is capable of outperforming expensive TVs in terms of image quality. This TV can handle HDR10 and DolbyVision high-dynamic-range formats. SmartCast M series comes with a Chromecast integrated system that can host more apps than other smart TV systems. If you want high-quality picture quality at an affordable price, the Vizio SmartCast M series is a smart investment.

Best Vizio TV Models 5:

VIZIO E Series(tm), 50” Class (49.5″ Diag. 4K HDR Smart Television: This TV is, without doubt, the most cost-effective and efficient in the Vizio quantum dots lineup. This TV provides world-class image quality at a very affordable price. This TV supports both HDR and 4K video technologies. It also includes Dolby audio. Your phone can control Chromecast built in to play the video. Bottom line, Vizio E-series is the most feature-rich of its peers in the same price range.

Best Vizio TV Models 6:

Vizio P-Series Quantum: Experts believe that the Vizio P-series has the best Vizio smart television, with its excellent picture quality. The P series has a great motion handling feature and a very low input lag. Its popularity is due to its outstanding brightness. This TV’s contrast is amazing and its performance does not drop in dark rooms. The low input lag makes this TV a great choice for gamers. The Vizio smart TVs have been a hit due to their affordability and high-end performance. Vizio has carved out a niche for itself in quantum dot technology, and it will remain so. This TV series is irresistible because of its superior sound quality.

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