What Gaming Headset Should I Buy?


Which gaming headset should I buy?

The following are some ways that headphones differ from speakers:

  • Filter sound directly to your ears
  • Allows you to use a microphone while playing

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These features cannot be supported by speakers. Headsets offer the best sound quality for gaming and are recommended. They are also more affordable than high-quality speaker systems that can often run around $200.

A gaming headset is better than speakers if you don’t want your family disturbed while you play and want better sound quality.

What are gaming headsets different from regular headsets?

You may be asking why gaming headsets are needed. These three features will explain everything.

  • Comfort
  • Sound quality
  • Microphone quality

You need a headset you can use for long hours to enjoy intense gaming sessions. While your normal headset may work, gaming headsets will provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Why it is important to choose the best headsets

A headset is not necessary for all games. For games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG, however, you will need to have precise directional sound cues to win. Gaming headsets with excellent sound quality are a plus for games such as Dota 2, Multiplayer Online Battle Area, and League of Legends.

No matter what your reason, you will always want to purchase a headset for your video gaming.

How do you choose the best gaming headset?

Sound is crucial in all aspects of winning, from shooting to racing games. The right gaming headsets are essential for this. Let us guide you if you are unsure how to pick the right one.

Choose your platform

When you purchase a headset, consider which platform it will be used on.

Your choice can be influenced by the gaming platform.

For all platforms, headsets with a connection of 3.5mm are ideal. These headsets won’t work with all console features, however. Virtual surround is one example.

Sony makes its gaming headsets, the Sony Playstation Wireless Platinum gaming headsets. Once connected to the console, these headsets can be used with specific audio profiles such as 7.1 virtual surround sound.

If you want to use these gaming headphones with your Xbox One, then you will need an extra cable and a separate adapter. Make sure you get a headset that fully supports your gaming console.

Wireless vs. wired gaming headset

Wireless gaming headsets vs. wired

You should also consider whether you require wired or wireless headsets. The Nintendo Switch should be compatible with most wireless and wired gaming headsets.

Gaming headset for wired gaming

You don’t have to wait hours to use wired headsets. The physical connection to your wired headset is important. This connection will usually be a 3.5mm connection for the microphone or headset.


  • Connect the headset to the station, and you are ready to go.
  • They are lighter than wireless headsets.


  • The cable’s length isn’t too long.
  • Cables can become damaged over time.

Wireless gaming headset

They are lightweight and portable so you can carry them around with you. Because they are slimmer, they take up less space. They don’t require a long cable. Wireless headsets need to be charged before they can be used. The headset will become heavier due to the need for batteries. Most wireless gaming headsets require approximately an hour to charge and provide 7-8 hours of battery backup.

Closed or open headset

Gaming headsets: Open vs. Closed

You can lose your game if you don’t have good noise isolation. This is particularly true for games such as Counter-Stike: Global Offensive or PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround, where you need directional audio cues to win.

You can choose to wear a closed gaming headset, or one with passive noise isolation if you don’t mind hearing the outside world. For maximum immersion and concentration, these headsets keep you completely isolated from the outside world. Closed gaming headsets allow you to hear even the smallest details in noisy environments. These headsets can feel clammy in summer.

An open gaming headset is a good choice if you are concerned about the environment. They are comfortable and can be worn in warm weather.


A microphone is essential for gamers to communicate with their team. Many gaming headsets have a boom mic built-in, which can be unidirectional or multidirectional.

Omnidirectional microphones pick up sounds from the environment, which can result in clattering sounds that your colleagues hear.

Unidirectional sounds have noise cancellation capabilities. This allows for crystal clear chats with coworkers. Uni-directional microphones can reject off-axis sounds and produce a crisp, clear sound. This is a quick listing of gaming headsets that include a microphone.


After using the headset for a long time, you will realize this. A headset that can be worn for long periods without feeling fatigued is what you want. These features will make your headset more comfortable.

Take a look at the material in the headband and ear cups.

  • Leather cups can be a little expensive, but they can become clammy if you use them for long periods.
  • Your head should not feel so tight that it causes pain.

Look for a headset that is lightweight, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

We hope that this article helps you find the right headset for you. Remember to always choose the headset that best suits your needs. We are happy to help you with any questions or thoughts.

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