what is smart wifi?


What is a Smart WiFI Router?

Smart home products are more accessible and innovative in this age of technology. Smart products will make your home more connected. A reliable WIFI router is essential for everyone in the household to be able to do what they want on their smart devices.

Your Zoom call should not suddenly stop due to your son surfing the internet and playing a game that requires WIFI. A Smart WIFI Router is necessary to ensure everything loads quickly and reliably.

Smart WIFI router scans frequencies automatically to ensure a stable connection at all times. It can also identify and mitigate risk to ensure that the internet is uninterrupted. The router will change your internet connection to one with better frequency and a different physical connection.

Smart WIFI is not the same as your current router at home or office. The typical router beams the internet only to the devices connected. You and everyone connected to the internet will still be able to surf the web and access all the essential apps.

Smart WIFI routers are better as they can be used with applications and mobile devices. Your smart home devices and you will be always connected. Your apps will automatically respond to any issues and enhance the WIFI experience.

Smart WIFI Routers: Why you should consider them

Apart from the fact that our lives are being transformed by smart homes, there are other reasons it might be a good idea to upgrade your WIFI router to a smart one.

Device and User Management Made Simple

Standard routers can’t do certain things like:

  • Management of users is a difficult task, especially if you are not tech-savvy.
  • Learn more about the network-connected devices
  • If you do not have a Ph.D., change the router’s advanced settings.

You can control all users of your smart WIFI routers with the accompanying apps

  • For your teens and children, add parental controls.
  • Decode who can access your network and who isn’t
  • Stop devices getting online, or pause the entire network.
  • You will be notified whenever anyone attempts to access restricted content. You have the option to deny or grant access.

Network Security – Better

Standard routers are a weak link in your network’s security. As router companies are improving their game, so should yours. Smart WIFI routers can send all of your devices and applications traffic through their network, and block any potentially hazardous traffic.

A smart router protects your online activity by stopping tracking companies profiling you and notifying you when any of your devices are compromised. Pre-installed anti-virus software is also included. All your smart home gadgets and apps will be protected against phishing attacks and malware.

Faster and better coverage

Standard routers have a few drawbacks, such as signal failures and dead spots. Although you can video chat with your friend from the comfort of your couch, signal failures and dead spots will occur in other areas of your house such as the bathroom.

Connected smart homes require faster and better coverage. The tech industry is moving fast and most people will soon have smart devices in every room of their home within the next few years. You will need reliable, stable internet access.

Some smart routers come with as many as 13 antennas. To broadcast in all directions, the antennas are placed in a circular arrangement. They are hidden inside the router’s casing, so they aren’t visible.

Another alternative is to use multiple small devices to create a mesh network. This is a good option for large properties as it provides a better solution to having one router at a central location.

Smart routers can be purchased in bundles by some companies so you have the option to place them around your home and link them together to form a continuous network.

In conclusion

Smart WFI routers offer a more reliable option than regular routers. However, not all smart routers achieve the same goals. You can choose a smart router that offers enhanced security, parental controls, network restrictions, intelligent device monitor, an accompanying smartphone app, easy management, and seamless integration with existing smart home gadgets.

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