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Wyze Lock Google Assistant Integration

Many smart devices are available on the market that can make home security easier. Wyze Lock is a popular smart lock system that provides the highest level of security for your home. With the latest update, the top-rated smart lock now has the Google Assistant integration.

Wyze Lock has received the long-awaited update, which integrates with Google Assistant. Official patch notes from the company mentioned the availability of Google’s voice assistant.

Wyze Lock Smart Lock

Wyze Lock did not have Google Assistant like other smart locking systems. The Wyze Lock has been updated to integrate with Google Assistant. This means that you can use your voice commands through Google Assistant to access the lock and its features.

Google Assistant supports you to lock and unlock your main doors using voice commands. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Google Assistant is an open-source virtual voice assistant service that is widely used. It is compatible with all kinds of smart devices. It is available as an Android default voice assistant.

Wyze Lock was released in 2019. Wyze Lock was designed to support Amazon’s Alexa assistant. The company had promised last year that the update would include virtual keyboard support and support for Google Assistant. The Wyze Lock received the official update with Google assistant after a few months.

The Google Assistant integration feature has been added to the Wyze Android App’s latest update. It can be integrated with Google Home via the Wyze app on your Android device.

You can use your Google Home smart hub to control Wyze Lock’s main door. To fully control the Wyze Lock, you can use an Android Smartphone or Google Smart Speaker.

To make the Wyze App work on your Android device, you must first set it up. These steps will help you enable Google Assistant on Wyze App to control Wyze Lock and other Wyze Smart Devices.

How do I enable Google Assistant in the Wyze App?

  • First, you have to set up the Wyze device in your Wyze app. Follow the instructions to configure and set up your Wyze device on an Android phone.
  • Make sure your Wyze Device is up-to-date. Visit the Account and Firmware Update to check the most recent firmware.
  • After you have updated the firmware, visit the Play Store to download the Google Home App. Configure the app according to the device’s requirements.
  • Now launch the Google Home app from an Android device.
  • Select Add from the top-right corner.
  • To set up your Wyze device, click the Setup device button.
  • This page allows you to select the Works with Google option.
  • Select the Wyze Listing. Wyze Lock. When adding your Wyze lock device to the Google Home app, make sure you log in with your Wyze Account credentials how to enable Google Assistant in the Wyze App

Note Google Assistant will automatically retrieve the devices available once you log in to your Wyze account. You can simply select the device you wish to set up with the Google Home app.

You will need to be able to set up your Wyze Lock using a Google Home device before you can lock or unlock your door. You will need to dial the PIN in order to unlock the door or lock it using Google Assistant. It can be risky for your security as you will need to give the PIN to Google Assistant to unlock the door.

What’s new with the Updated Wyze app?

Wyze app acts as a hub for multiple Wyze products. Wyze products are popularly used and many products are available to turn an ordinary house into a smart one

This app update adds Google assistant support to the Wyze Lock. The Wyze Bulb now has a Vacation Mode and the Wyze Robot Vacuum has a rotation that is not allowed.

Get Away

After an update, most Wyze Products now support Google Assistant. You will need to update the Wyze App from the Google Play Store in order for this feature to work with your Wyze Products. Follow the steps above to integrate Wyze Lock with Google Assistant.

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